Enjoy a sampling of Claudia Smalley's art

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Realistic Style Painting

Many of Claudia's abstractions start from studies of objects such as kitchen utensils, landscapes and still life setups of fruits and vegetables.

Utensil Series

Artist Statement:To Claudia, kitchen utensils represent the basic tools required to create delectable cuisine, and memories of preparing for family gatherings and celebratory life experiences. She uses the series to glorify them from the basic objects that they seem to be when standing on their own. This series of work began with numerous studies of kitchen utensils such as stainless steel measuring spoons and measuring cups. She then reinterpreted the color, reflections and patterns observed through her still-life studies to develop these abstractions.

Peek Series

Artist Statement:Still life paintings are an important part of art history, spanning from the times of ancient Egypt and existing into today. Some depict natural objects such as fruits and vegetables, while others feature man made objects such as glasses, bowls, books and tables. What many may not know about still lifes is the grand amount of symbolism that hides behind the objects selected – a mango, or other exotic fruit may symbolize travel, or wealth, while an intricately detailed wilted flower may symbolize impending doom. In my series of still life paintings titled “Peek”, I look to the still life for inspiration. “Peek” gets its name from the act of making visual reference to the composition and color of still life paintings.

Factory Series

Artist Statement:Factory represents the world's seemingly love-hate relationship with industry.  Globally we struggle with economic hard times, and the creation of jobs.  One particular story local to me in Chicago piqued my interest regarding the potential to build a nuclear power plant.  I felt that there were two strong, opposing feelings towards its construction.  One side telling of the potential dangers of having nuclear power plants versus the other side arguing the virtues of creations of jobs, and the economic upswing that could potentially result.  In my work, I attempt to use color to depict this dichotomous feeling of glorification and hope of economy, alongside the demonization and fear society seems to have of nuclear plants.